erosion protection matting

Erosion protection matting – Soil erosion occurs in areas without vegetation due to high currents or wind. Coir Geonet is an eco-friendly product for soil erosion prevention that can maintain soil for a long time with optimum strength. It is very suitable for old mining sites, tidal flats, cliff reinforcement, erosion prevention, soil reinforcement, railroad road reinforcement, highway cliff or bridge reinforcement, etc., and can also be used as a plant growth medium.

Coconut fiber geotextile mats are gaining popularity as a growing medium. According to Julie P. Newman, agricultural consultant at UC Cooperative Extension, it is important to understand the limitations and benefits of transition before making the transition. Among the advantages of coir geotextiles are high water retention, a hollow texture for better air circulation, and an acceptable pH.

Advantages of Erosion Protection Matting Coir Geotextile

Coir geotextile mats absorb water easily and retain it for a long time. This is a property of coconut shells and does not require watering. Coconut fiber geotextile mats typically degrade within 2 to 4 years. Due to the high lignin content, palm geotextiles decompose slowly and maintain the structure of the soil cavity. This allows for good airflow, encouraging larger, healthier roots.

Typically, coir geotextile mats have a pH range of 5.8 to 6.5. No more using lime or adding lime. Coir Geotextile Mats are made from natural materials that are a by-product of the coconut industry. Easily degraded or degraded by environmentally safe soils. It also protects against mold and gnats (various pests) as it contains antifungal agents that inhibit the growth of mold even in humid environments.

The most common problem with palm fiber geotextiles is the very high salt content, especially in low-type palm fiber geotextile mats. Coir mesh with high salt content must be washed before use.

Coir Geotextile Mats are anchored on both sides to be placed in front of ex-mines or beaches. Coconut fiber geotextile erosion mats can also be used to cover sloped land such as watersheds (river basins). Minimize landslides and soil abrasion. The ecosystem thrives and stores water, allowing a variety of vegetation to grow around the edges of the coir geotextile mat. Some studies have shown that palm fiber geotextile mats can last up to four years before being degraded by the soil.

Compared with geotextiles and synthetic fibers, the advantages of palm fiber geotextile mats include:

  • The material is high-quality natural coconut fiber.
  • Long-lasting yet strong biodegradable textile material
  • can hold water
  • Coir geotextiles are biodegradable for at least 4 years.
  • Can also be used as soil fertilizer
  • Coconut fiber geotextiles do not produce harmful residues.
  • Recovers parts of the soil that have lost moisture as a result of certain activities.
  • Coconut fiber geotextiles are ideal for use in sloping or rocky areas or ground due to their elastic material properties.
  • mold prevention

Overview of Erosion control coconut matting Coir Geotextiles. Hope this will be more useful information for you.

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